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Artist Statement

My petite series is titled SOFT POWER. Through the pandemic, I sought out images of strength and calm. Kehinde Wiley’s portrait of former President Barack Obama has Obama seated amongst foliage and flowers, and this artwork stopped me in my tracks. Here was a humble seated pose, strengthened not by muscle or arms, but by the blatant force of Nature herself in all her extravagant glory.

My fictional figures are covered in flowers, and they exude a delighted self-assurance, whimsical and fearlessness in the beauty that surrounds them. No Obama, for sure, but so powerful in their wee selves.

All artworks are paper mounted on cradled board and sealed with either cold wax or acrylic gel.


I am a lifelong self-directed drawer and painter. Four years of weekly life drawing workshops, not to mention twice monthly portrait workshops have strengthened my abilities, as have endless amounts of YouTube videos. There is so much to learn and so many good teachers. I have done lessons with Eri Ishi and Justine Ogilvie of Vancouver and am a follower of Louise Fletcher and Nicolas Wilton. They have all encouraged me to continue, sharing that if I love what I do, joy will follow, and it is true!

Facebook: Tanya Hockley

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