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Artist Statement

My subjects always start with a sketch, as I believe that a solid foundation is necessary to build up the structure of my paintings. However, once painting, I rely on my instincts and feelings about the subject to paint it. I try not to focus too much on getting the colours right the first time, mixing and glazing layer by layer to get the colours how I want them to be. Working on a smaller scale makes me more economical with my brush strokes, as it’s much harder to get those tiny details in. This series of lighthouses represent hope and the feeling of coming home.


Based in Surrey BC, Shaylena Stenback is a watercolour artist who graduated from the Visual College of Art and Design in 2021. She also sits on the board of directors for CARFAC BC, where she focuses on grant writing and advocating for artist rights. Shaylena produces watercolour landscapes and animals with vibrancy and absolutely adores the unpredictable nature of watercolour, particularly granulating colours. She loves to teach others how to paint and is currently working on a tutorial series.


Facebook: watercolorwithshay

Twitter: @ShayStenback

Instagram: @watercolorwithshay  

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