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Artist Statement

I paint to connect with my natural surroundings, the source of calm and balance that regenerate my spirit and provide a sanctuary from the noise and clutter of everyday life. I find joy in nature, trees, clouds and sky. I want to express my response to the awe-inspiring spaces that I love by capturing their character in my work. I aim to express the wonder I feel so that I might affect how others feel. The subjects in my work reflect my need for quiet, adventure and space. Most of my inspiration comes from landscapes, seascapes, skyscapes and nature close-ups from beautiful BC.


Sepideh Saba is an Iranian Canadian artist. She holds a degree in Computer Science and works as a Software Engineer.

In 2017, she found a passion for watercolour and has been primarily focused on advancing her watercolour skills. Her paintings capture the dynamic, majestic, awe-inspiring vistas of British Columbia’s landscapes and seascapes. Her impressionist depictions of the transformative effects of light and colour on earth, sky, clouds, mountains, fog and seascapes are life-affirming.

Her work captures her experiences of visiting the places depicted, from the feeling of fresh air to the sense of serenity and peace and her memories.


Facebook: sepidehsabaart


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