Trang-Tina Nguyen


Offering In-Person and Online Lessons on Monday, Tuesday and Friday

Tina Nguyen was born and raised in Goettingen, Germany where she received her first piano lessons at the age of 7. As a youth, she participated in many competitions and won 1st prize in several categories.

Her first career path led her into the world of marketing but, feeling unsatisfied in her job, she decided to reconnect with her passion for music. After one year of intensive preparation, she passed the entrance exams at Robert Schumann University in Duesseldorf, Germany and, in 2015, finished her Bachelor of Music with focus on piano and early musical education. Her growth as a musician during these studies was rewarded with the possibility to further enhance her abilities by pursuing a Master’s degree in concert piano and chamber music. She graduated with honours in 2017.

Tina started teaching the piano as soon as she began studying music and quickly became attached to the craft. She enjoys sharing her love for music with people of all ages. She will always make sure to create a positive and enjoyable learning atmosphere and continuously adapt to her students’ individual needs.

Tina aims to make the principles of deliberate practice the very foundation of her students’ musical education as soon as possible. This ensures they can study the piano independently at home, while playing the music they love and enjoy.

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