Tami Murray



Tami is a Red Deer College Visual Arts Alumni who went on to receive her BFA at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design (back before it became a University). While she majored in photography, she also studied drawing, printmaking, book-making, ceramics, sculpture and painting before getting behind the lens. Tami splits her creative time between teaching the next generation of visual artists, practicing guerrilla art abandonment, making art and handcrafting charming creations.

Artist Statement

My most recent series of work titled “Shakespearean Fish” explores the idea of water as a place of emotional submersion. The works in Positively Petite are collages combining mixed media images of koi and goldfish awash in painted waterscapes with the words of Shakespeare’s Sonnets sublimated into abstracted lines and shapes. The love poems retain their meaning but become hidden in their transformations informing the work while creating a pattern that resembles the movement and transfiguration that is a characteristic of living water.


Facebook: @PeanutButterPieArt

Instagram: @peanutbutterpie


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