Stefan Nazarevich

Piano (Junior Piano Teacher)

Stefan Nazarevich has been both a student and a teacher at Place des Arts, studying piano with Marjory Purdy for 17 years. Additionally, Stefan has studied with renowned pianist and educator May Ling Kwok, and is completing a degree in “electroacoustic music composition and performance” with Sabrina Schroeder at the SFU School for Contemporary Arts. In 2018, Stefan was accepted into the Darmstadt Summer Festival, a two-week intensive workshop in Germany for electronic music. His artistic practice has led him to compose music for several contemporary dance artists in Vancouver, and to co-found the interdisciplinary artist collective olive theory projects with Shion Skye Carter. The collective has been artists-in-residence at What Lab Studio and Left of Main in Vancouver. Stefan’s dedication to his craft has earned him several Conservatory Canada medals of excellence, the Place des Arts Fern Bouvier Arts Legacy Award, the British Columbia Arts Council Scholarship Award and the Red FM Music Scholarship Award from Simon Fraser University. His goal as a teacher is to pass on the love of music to all of his students.

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