Katina Giesbrecht



Katina Giesbrecht is a visual artist, graphic designer and art instructor from Surrey who specializes in monotype printmaking.

She enjoys teaching a variety of art classes including printmaking, art journaling and colour theory to children, youth and adults at the Surrey Art Gallery. She also leads art demonstrations and classes for other groups by request.

She has a bachelors’ degree in Applied Design (KPU) and an Associates’ Certificate in Graphic Design (BCIT).

Artist Statement

Amid a fast-paced and high-tech world, I desire to find peace through artful expressions. My acrylic monotype paintings feature subtle textures and calm colours of semi-realistic landscapes. I create pieces that reflect a gentle respite, a place to pause.

I love to work in monotype; a unique printmaking process that results in just one unique print. ‘Mono’ is a Greek word meaning one and ‘type’ means impression. These pieces are created by manipulating paint or inks on a smooth work surface, then transferring the design to paper by applying pressure by hand. Additionally, I will add other elements to my monotypes by hand, painting them directly on the paper.


Website: www.katinagiesbrecht.com

Instagram: @katina_giesbrecht


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