Daisy Mak



Daisy Mak is an emerging artist from Australia, currently living in Vancouver. She is fascinated by human interactions and different ways that stories are told through art. Previously, her works consisted of an interactive element that explored an idea or question through audience participation. Currently, she is working on exploring these ideas visually through her illustrations. Her works can be described as quirky and whimsical with an element of eeriness.

Artist Statement

Daisy Mak’s artworks in Positively Petite are strongly influenced by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, specifically the periods of riots, protests and chaos during lockdown and isolation. Daisy wanted to capture the conflict and frustration she felt during a time where humanity needed to be united the most. Using the contrasting elements of fire and nature, Daisy uses watercolours, ink and oil paints to create a visual representation of two hands struggling to hold on to each other.


Website: www.daisymak.weebly.com

Instagram: @daisyamazeme


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