Bob Prosser



I am a photographer with nine years of experience in digital image capture and post-processing. My interests include landscape, still life, abstract and conceptual photography.


For four years, I’ve created lens-based images as well as photographs. The starting point for each piece is one or more photographs, and these are transformed and combined, sometimes with text, using Photoshop. The result may be abstract, a painting-like image, or a collage. I’ve been a PhotoClub Vancouver director since 2015 and have organized six juried public exhibitions for the club. I’ve also taught introductory photography workshops at Vancouver’s Roundhouse Community Centre.

Artist Statement

Despite my political leanings, advertising fascinates me, particularly ads that are edgy and/or humorous. I’m drawn to artists like Barbara Kruger and lain Baxter& as well as photographers like Clinton Hussey and Anthony Redpath. The conceptual photography genre is one of my sources of inspiration.

I love photographing small details, abstract patterns and everyday objects and settings. I strive to see things differently and portray subjects in unique, unconventional ways. I also try to bring humour and positivity to my images as I reflect on the sometimes-depressing characteristics of our contemporary world.


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