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Arlene Connolly



I have a passion for detail, shapes, line and colour with most of my work being graphic and stylized. My favourite medium is watercolour for smaller work and acrylic for larger pieces, but I also enjoy working with ink and combinations of all three. My subject matter reflects a diverse interest, from the natural world expressed through landscape, to more graphic and stylized figurative work both large and small.

Other interests include illustration, book-making and creative writing. In 2010, I self-published my first illustrated book called “The Dancing Foxes” and followed that with a second work entitled “A Little Book of Words & Birds” in 2015.

I completed the Certificate Program in Fine Arts at Emily Carr University in 2011 and my informal art education includes courses at local arts centers and workshops at the Federation of Canadian Artists. I am currently an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and a long-standing member of the Port Moody Artists Association.

Artist Statement

I love to paint and enjoy the whole process of creating something that will tell others exactly what I see and how I feel about the world around me. When I look at art, I always look for something I haven’t seen before and it is my hope that my work will allow others to see something new, even in familiar subjects. Painting is my way of connecting with others and showing them my view. The majority of my work is inspired by nature and I am always humbled by the beauty and the power of the natural world.


Website: www.arleneconnolly.com

Email: arlenegayconnolly@gmail.com   


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