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Artist Statement

Inspired by the natural world, an element of fantasy is applied to Jessica’s designs to create playful pieces that tell stories to the observer. It is the beginning of life – a brief moment – that she chooses to capture in her work as if it were a photograph or painting; she enjoys using vibrant and contrasting colours, as well as strong forms that denote youthfulness and vigour.

Jessica specializes in the Millefiori and Mokume Gane techniques in which layers of different coloured clay are stacked, rolled, manipulated and sliced to create images without the use of paint or ink.


Based in Vancouver, BC, Jessica Woo is a self-taught polymer clay artist who has been honing her skills in the Millefiori and Mokume Gane techniques with polymer clay since 2015. She completed her Bachelor in Health Science from Simon Fraser University in 2017. Jessica’s work is inspired by the natural world that surrounds us.


Instagram: @perchingclayart

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