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Date: April 1 • 2022 @ 7:00 pm
End date: May 19 • 2022 @ 9:00 pm

Tadaomi Kawasaki

Spontaneous Portrait Art

Acrylics in the Leonore Peyton Salon

Please note: the Leonore Peyton Salon is a multi-purpose space; therefore, viewing times are limited. Please call 604.664.1636 for viewing availability prior to your visit.

My painting style is a blend of impressionism, abstraction and action painting. I mostly paint portraits of great and influential people with spontaneous realism.

My work can be described as abstract portraits created with vibrant colours. When you look closely, my paintings look abstract, and you can see there are no wasted brushstrokes. Every stroke plays a role in representing the figure and their emotions. The key to this approach is the colour yellow, which represents the energy and power I see emanating from the subject. The balance of primary colours within each painting is impactful. I use these colours to capture the energy particles emerging at the centre of the subject’s face in an explosive motion.

In each painting, the colours work in perfect harmony. I hope the intense colours catch your attention and brighten the room with happiness.


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