Date: January 21 • 2022 @ 7:00 pm
End date: March 5 • 2022 @ 5:00 pm

SD43 Grade 12 Art Students

Emerging Talent 24

Various Mediums in the Atrium

As the Emerging Talent student show enters its’ 24th year, it is evident that an abundance of intelligent young people are dedicating themselves to the visual arts in the Tri-Cities. The students featured in this exhibition are in grade 12 and have committed to furthering themselves as artists; their futures are in art.

It is important to recognize the achievements of promising student artists from across School District 43. Collectively, this show is an impressive display of talent and energy. Yet underneath the initial impact of the exhibition, each piece on display represents the thoughtful effort of the individual artists.

The execution of each artwork involves the acquisition of technical skill, self-searching, creative experimentation, distinguishing truth from illusion and above all, a commitment to the artists’ pursuit of reaching past what they already understand. The artistic process is personal to each artist and their gift to us is their unique and sensitive perspectives which we can all learn from.

Thank you to the students for engaging us in this conversation through their use of colour, form and material. Congratulations to the grade 12 art students in our district on their artistic accomplishments!

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