Location: 1120 Brunette Avenue Coquitlam, BC
Admission: Free

Place des Arts and the Coquitlam Heritage Society welcomes you to an all-ages celebration of belonging and heritage!

Please join us in early 2021 for our self-guided walking tour, Belonging: Reflections through the Eyes of The Ugly Duckling, around Heritage Square. This tour takes you on the whimsical journey to four artistic representations of the Ugly Duckling fairy tale. Alongside these visuals is a recording of the story performed by professional actors which can be accessed by scanning a QR code at each location. When you have returned home, check out our YouTube channel for a series of monologues also on the topic of belonging.

The Ugly Duckling is a powerful story about finding your place in the world. Join us and reflect on where you belong!

About the Artists

Theatre artist, writer, director, teacher and owner of waterproof runners for Vancouver weather. In my early years, when I was dressing up as characters from Gilligan’s Island in my backyard, I realized I belong to the world of make-believe and urgent imagination. After convincing my traditional Italian parents that getting a university degree in the arts could pave the way for me possibly becoming the next Anna Magnani, I was surprisingly accepted into the theatre program at UBC, and upon completion, I handed my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree to my parents and it still hangs in their house to this day, with them having no regrets that their daughter had not become an Italian 50’s movie star. Since then, I’ve ventured into many curious creative ventures ranging from leading cooking and walking tours in Tuscany; to climbing a 30 ft tree to perform as Mother Superior at a show in Stanley Park; to donning ½ masks and playing commedia dell’arte scenarios on the streets of Vancouver and gymnasiums throughout Northern BC. Further curiosity led me to devised theatre – which, for me means making theatre from ideas and images rather than text first. For me, the poetry of life forces and guides story. Sometimes, I capture these moments on my cell phone and I continue to revel in how light shines in dark places. I devise performances and happily pass my creative legacy onto others as a teaching theatre artist in all types of schools. I am blessed to have three lovely, amazing ducklings in my life that truly keep me afloat.

I belong the most in a community of supportive and creative people. Communities like theatre, film and art. When these communities are at their best they’re like a second family and that’s what makes them so special.


One of the BC’s Wedding Awards finalists and owner of 3 small businesses encompassing the event industry. Alex’s passion has progressed as he transitioned through the arts to audio/video production in the past 20 years. Starting from a young age as a creative artist and entrepreneur, he still makes time in his busy schedule for his favourite things like morning coffees, lake boating, or indulging in Adam’s peanut butter.

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