Date: November 15 • 2019
End date: December 19 • 2019

Opening Reception

November 15 • 7pm to 9pm • 1120 Brunette Avenue, Coquitlam



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Ian Bateson


Digital Art in the Leonore Peyton Salon

Please note: the Leonore Peyton Salon is a multi-purpose space; therefore, viewing times are limited. Please call 604.664.1636 for viewing availability prior to your visit.

While visiting England during the summer of 2012, Ian Bateson was introduced to a drawing application used by artist David Hockney in an exhibition of his work, Four Seasons in London. In this exhibition, Hockney’s field studies created with an app called “Sketch” were displayed on iPads in a darkened room alongside his large canvases.

Impressed with this new medium, Bateson exchanged his 3.2 mega pixel camera for an iPad. Bateson could now take reasonable photographs, produce videos and run apps such as “Procreate”, which allowed him to draw and paint, then connect to iCloud to store his artwork.

Bateson has found this artistic medium travels well, and he used the iPad to photograph all of the images in this exhibition, including those captured while in Venice in 2013, New York in 2014, China in 2015, England between 2015 to 2019 and from home in Vancouver.

Bateson also uses his scanned, acrylic paintings in conjunction with photography and the painting techniques available through the “Procreate” app to create the works you see in Reflections. However, many of the original images are not easily distinguished once they become a multi-layered piece of “Procreate art”.

Margaret Park


Watercolours in the Mezzanine Gallery

As a watercolour artist and stay-at-home mom, Park is drawn to her everyday surroundings and familiar moments. Staycation showcases Park’s watercolour paintings that capture visual elements such as form, light, shadow and reflections to illustrate these simple moments. Park’s artistic process brings her gratitude and creates a space to celebrate the small things.

Living in Vancouver, the artist’s family visits to local mountains, beaches and parks along with routines and activities at home provide inspiration. These ordinary encounters inspire Park because she feels that it’s these behind the scenes moments that make us who we are.

Park expresses appreciation of the present moment through her paintings. She feels privileged and blessed to share her views, and she hopes that viewers find encouragement to do the same and cherish today.

Instagram: @my_watercolour_park

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