Date: November 16 • 2018
End date: December 20 • 2018

Opening Reception

November 16 • 7pm to 9pm • 1120 Brunette Avenue, Coquitlam

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Suchen Wu and Teresa Chow

Uprooted – A Journey of Self-Discovery

in the Leonore Peyton Salon

Uprooted – A Journey of Self-Discovery is a series of artwork that encourages the viewer to explore the metaphoric and symbolic meanings of roots and driftwood in relation to the conditions and impact of immigrants in Canadian culture, ethics, economics and politics. This exhibition narrates an immigrant’s departure from one’s roots and arrival in an adopted country. The immigration journey is a challenging one; it is a life-time commitment and a process of self-discovery.

Suchen Wu and Teresa Chow embarked on this journey and discovered that their arrival in Canada was not as important as the experience of getting here. Even after arriving in Vancouver, their journey continues, and life in British Columbia is the beginning of a new chapter.

Suchen Wu |

Teresa Chow |

Zhanna Shomakhova


in the Mezzanine Gallery

Zhanna Shomakhova’s works are reflections of her thoughts, emotions, memories and everyday objects. She is inspired by everything around her: people and their stories, nature and its unpredictability and objects and their mystery.

Shomakhova primarily paints in acrylics and mixed media and uses bright colours, as the energy of colour is of great significance to her. She believes there is nothing like the feeling of anticipating a new colour coming to life. Another important part of her work is texture—it allows her to capture and express a certain intrigue, sophistication or even mysticism contained in simple and familiar objects. Shomakhova hopes her artwork is a source of positive and inspiring energy that helps people to enjoy and celebrate life.

Zhanna Shomakhova began taking art lessons at the age of six in Russia, and she graduated from the Ekaterinburg State Pedagogical University with a degree in Education. Shomakhova has participated in numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad. In 2008, she moved with her family to Canada and currently resides in Vancouver.

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