Date: May 1 • 2020
End date: May 28 • 2020

Marion-Lea Jamieson

On Time

Oil Paintings

Marion-Lea Jamieson is interested in the concept of time and time-based transitions between states of being. The early paintings in this exhibition use an abstract approach to depict the breakdown of matter through time, illustrating through abstract form matter coalescing then fragmenting again. The more recent paintings introduce schematic images to examine the linear concept of time, moving forward into the future and out of the past.

Jamieson is exploring alternative explanations of time as circular or even illusory. She questions if newer is better, if technological changes improve our lives and if we are progressing toward a better, more modern future. Jamieson also challenges the idea that art created today is superior to what came before. This exhibition confronts the Avant Garde rejection of the past and by using imagery from the Neolithic era, Jamieson brings these prehistoric forms boldly into the present day as a path into the future.

Jamieson’s paintings are modernist in that they experiment with form, use techniques that highlight the process and materials and are removed from the realist tradition. Jamieson negotiates a path between aesthetic appeal and sterile abstraction, between the grip of the past and newness for its own sake.

While her current work has conceptual motivation, Jamieson wants to communicate the joy of colour, line and form depicted in oil paint – to communicate at a visceral rather than an intellectual level.

Behind the Artwork
Curious to learn more about Marion-Lea’s use of Neolithic imagery and her inspiration? Check out Marion-Lea’s blog!

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