Date: January 22 • 2021
End date: March 18 • 2021

Laura Clark


Photography and Sculpture in the Leonore Peyton Salon

Please note: the Leonore Peyton Salon is a multi-purpose space; therefore, viewing times are limited. We welcome individual and core bubble visits to our exhibition spaces by appointment. Please call 604-664-1636 ext. 0 to book an appointment.

My photography often captures traces and evidence of human presence while observing the human landscape. I am particularly curious about what spaces tell us about the lives of people when people, themselves, are absent.

Photography is my medium of choice because it provides an opportunity to capture the everyday moments that may go unnoticed by others.

This exhibition consists of three bodies of work: Unobstructed Views, A Memory and Collected Sentiments. These images explore the dimensions of humanity, in particular, the topic of mortality. By using imagery collected from cemeteries in several different countries, some paired with skyscapes, the viewer is encouraged to consider the emotional qualities of being human in life and death.

In natural settings and light, my imagery explores the vulnerability and fragility of the human landscape. As with all that lives, things will come to an end in time, but perhaps not all is lost. It may be that the beauty, sentiment and purpose remain, and time is not forgotten.

My photography focuses on the temporary existence of time and space from moment to moment. By looking at what may be left behind, I explore the change and transformation that takes place to shape the surroundings.

Currently, I am exploring and pursuing my interest in botanicals as an extension of human expression with sculptural art that combines my photographs with diverse mediums, such as resin, clay and wood.

Instagram: @laura_marie_clark

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