Date: January 11 • 2019
End date: February 9 • 2019

January Exhibitions Opening Reception

January 11 • 7pm to 9pm • 1120 Brunette Avenue, Coquitlam

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Janet Strayer

FLOW: Nature, Art and Mind

Paintings in the Atrium Gallery

FLOW: Nature, Art and Mind is a collection of abstract and expressively representational paintings that seek to capture the dynamic energies of land, sea and sky. Inspired by the natural world on Saturna Island, Strayer depicts the shifting currents amongst natural forms, which serve as a daily reminder of the delicate balance of geo-organic life. The seemingly solid Earth is alive with telluric energy and tectonic shifts, the Sea with oceanic flows, the Sky with atmospheric currents . . . each interacting to form and transform our world.

Deliberate strokes and quick action converge in the creation of this body of work. The artistically active process of pouring paint in layers demands immediacy of experience and decision-making, as mediums are combined into flowing textures like shifting currents in the natural environment. These flows interact with human gesture and kinetic energy to create irregularly beautiful patterns and surprising forms. Brilliant and subtle colours, cellular structures and lace-like details result from the interaction of different paint densities that are artistically controlled to an intuitive extent and are multi-layered for artistic effects. The results suggest accretion, erosion, movement and change: remnants and portents held in the world’s being.

Janet Strayer is a painter living on both Saturna Island and in Vancouver. The commute between these locations via water and occasionally by air has made a significant impact upon her life and creative work.

Francis Friesen

A Celebration of Colour and Abstraction

Alcohol inks in the Leonore Peyton Salon

When one has been making art for many years, it is exciting to discover a new medium, theme or expression that rekindles a passion for art. For Francis Friesen, that inspiration came in November 2016 with the discovery of alcohol inks.

Friesen was uplifted by the fluidity and magic of intermingling colours and the ability to manipulate them in creative ways. She loves the jewel-like quality of the inks and the unexpected visions that come to the fore as she plays with the material, which lends itself well to abstraction. Friesen chooses a group of colours that work together and drops them on the paper to let the image emerge. Then, she judges the balance of colour and composition and manipulates the inks with various tools, brushes and air to achieve a finished art piece. Friesen hopes the viewer experiences the same joy and pleasure as she has in exploring and playing with this medium.

Francis Friesen is an artist and fly fisher based in New Westminster and an artist at the 100 Braid Street Studios.

Instagram: @franfriesen

Fiona Howarth

And then there were none

Photography in the Mezzanine Gallery

The effects of both time and intangible memories are reflected through the ephemeral nature of the landscape. This photography series represents the solitude and absences felt within the forest and the dreamlike recollections of happiness within those spaces. As forests disappear in British Columbia, our interactions with them will become increasingly relegated to memories. Howarth examines the transformation of the environment through time and human impact by transcending the majestic landscape to instead visualize the continual loss of the “pristine” environment in a seemingly irreversible cascading effect.

Howarth creates Polaroid emulsion lifts using integral Polaroid film and separating the emulsion from the plastic front and the chemically impregnated rear of the film. The emulsion layer is floated off in water and transferred to a different medium. This process is exceedingly delicate as the emulsion layer is very thin and prone to damage.

Fiona Howarth has been an avid photographer for many years and has been internationally recognized for her compelling photographs. She has formal training in photography, completing a Bachelor of Arts from the University of the Fraser Valley. Her work has been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions across Canada and the United States and has been widely published.

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