Date: April 1 • 2021
End date: May 27 • 2021

Hamideh Abol

Where is Home?

Mixed Media and Sculptures in the Mezzanine

Please note: We welcome individual and core bubble visits to our exhibition spaces by appointment. Please call 604-664-1636 ext. 0 to book.

Growing up in the Middle East and immigrating to Canada, I experienced anxiety, homesickness and loneliness. I searched for my identity as a new immigrant while searching for a new home.

Personal and social crises are an ongoing theme in my work. The works in this exhibition focus on my roots as an Iranian woman who has chosen a new home abroad while exploring my cultural identity as an artist.

Each collage in this exhibition depicts an event that has affected me deeply and ties me back to my past. The process of finding a new home and exploring myself as a dual citizen is the theme for this new series.

Born in Tehran, Iran, Hamideh Abol immigrated to Canada in 2006. She finished her certificate of Fine Arts at Emily Carr in 2011, then moved to Europe in 2013 where she lived and worked for 4 years. She completed a master’s degree in Pattern Making in Milan and did freelance work for well-known fashion houses such as Givenchy.

Hamideh currently lives in Vancouver and is continuing her journey in art and fashion by making collages that focus on her experience as an immigrant and as an Iranian-Canadian Artist.

Instagram: @hamidehabol

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