Date: April 1 • 2021
End date: May 27 • 2021

Fibre Art Network

Threads of Hope

Fibre Arts in the Atrium

Please note: We welcome individual and core bubble visits to our exhibition spaces by appointment. Please call 604-664-1636 ext. 0 to book.

Threads of Hope explores our hope, longing and desire for the future of the world.

“Do you long for a peaceful, harmonious society and healthy earth? Do you desire reconciliation, forgiveness, unity, healing and balance? Do you hope for positive solutions to any of today’s issues?”

What can one person do when it comes to global issues? Is there hope or hopelessness? It is surprising what can be accomplished if we work together, join forces and play off each other – the butterfly effect.

We need to start paying attention to the world we live in. But where do we start? Can it start with something as simple as a smile? Make somebody’s day and they may make someone else’s day; passing it forward. Or is it a matter of global awareness of an issue? Or maybe it is an attitude of caring toward strangers, or a concern for the health of the earth and your environment? Is the preponderance of disasters around the world a sign of things to come? Will it get worse or better? Are there too many things going wrong to possibly cure them all?

We challenged our members to speak regarding world issues that are meaningful to them. The pieces in this exhibition flow from one to the other with a ‘thread of hope’ connecting them. Thus, completing a line of artists joining forces to improve our world.

Read more about the inspiration behind each artwork: Threads of Hope Artist Statements

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