Date: March 27 • 2020
End date: April 30 • 2020

Faye Gordon-Lewis

Westcoast Homeland

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

Gordon-Lewis examines the ever-changing nuances in the natural environment as it melds with the human world. Edges are endings and beginnings – the natural world meeting the constructs of humanity. When travelling to coastal areas within the province, the artist is impacted by the encroachment of human touch on nature. In these instances, one experiences the feeling of being between two worlds that blend the mystery of the wilderness with the familiarity of human construct. Is civilization on the edge of wilderness or is wilderness on the edge of civilization? Gordon-Lewis gently creates these edges, and she invites the viewer to join her in glimpsing human structures in her work such as remnants of log booms or road edges.

Behind the Artwork
Landscapes are one of Gordon-Lewis’ favourite genres to paint, especially winter scenes because of the dramatic light values and the contrast between colours. In Roadside – Winter Day, she captured a scene from her travels between Vancouver and the Okanagan. She was captivated by the shapes of the rock formations as well as the contrast between colours. Which colours are the boldest and brightest in this piece? What colours do you notice in the snow?

In Deep Woods No. 2 and Deep Woods No. 3, Gordon-Lewis captured the dramatic light of a forest by illustrating a glimpse of sky using dots of blue paint against the darkness of the thick wooded area.

Complimentary colours are pairs of colours that when used together create a strong contrast. How many pairs of complimentary colours do you notice in Spring Light?

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