Audition for our one-of-a-kind 2022/2023 Coquitlam Youth Theatre program Find out More!

Date: April 1 • 2022 @ 7:00 pm
End date: May 19 • 2022 @ 9:00 pm

Donna Polos

A Watercolour Experience on Canvas and Fibre

Watercolours and Fibre in the Mezzanine

Donna has worked with textiles in various mediums since the age of eight, and she has quilted for over 40 years.  In 1991, after a near-death experience, she gained more focus and enrolled in drawing classes and watercolour painting lessons. Watercolour painting was challenging for her, and she started to experiment to see what would happen if she applied painting techniques to cotton. Surprisingly, many of the techniques worked. As her fabric painting on cotton developed, so did her painting on paper. Today, Donna paints watercolour on three mediums: paper, canvas and cotton. She enjoys the different effects the paint has on each surface. On paper, she enjoys applying washes and glazing; on canvas, she enjoys negative painting and how it lifts colour; and on fabric, she loves building up hard edges by continually glazing. Her needle becomes her pencil, creating line and texture through hand quilting and embroidery.

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