Date: May 1 • 2020
End date: May 28 • 2020

Deanna Fligg

Garden Buzz

Acrylic Paintings

Deanna Fligg’s fascination with pollinators began in 2006 when she started photographing them. In 2012, she watched a documentary called “Vanishing of the Bees”, which illuminated the issue of thousands of bees disappearing from their hives and dying. After watching this documentary, Fligg was inspired to paint.

As Fligg painted, her love for pollinators including butterflies, bats and more continued to grow. Fligg developed her own style of painting using various materials. Her style is characterized by geometrical and stylized shapes and textures with realistic and silhouetted subject matter. Like the macro photography that she bases her paintings on, the backgrounds in Fligg’s work are indistinguishable shapes and textures. These shapes symbolize the pollinator’s lives, their world is blurry and survival is not guaranteed. The textures are a symbol of hope to mend what is broken in their lives. The bold colours in her paintings represent how Fligg views pollinators, incredibly strong and full of life. Fligg’s newest creations combine these elements to portray an organically nurtured Earth and a pollinator friendly garden.

Through art, Fligg sheds light on the importance of pollinators to our ecosystem and their current peril. Without pollinators, our lifestyles would be drastically impacted.

Facebook: @DeannaArtFORMS

Instagram: @deannafligg

Behind the Artwork
Have a peek inside Deanna’s sketchbook! Click on each image to take a closer look and read about what Deanna does at each stage of her creative process:

In 2017, Deanna moved into a larger space where she was able to establish a home studio. Before this space, it was mostly the kitchen table or the living room where she would create. A space tends to become fuller over time, and you can see the differences between 2017 to now, 2020. Deanna says about her studio, “This studio sees the super highs with happiness and the super lows in tears, but it is my happy place and I am forever grateful and blessed to have it.”

To learn more about Deanna’s process and what inspires her, check out our profile on Deanna Fligg.

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