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Date: April 1 • 2022
End date: May 19 • 2022

Coquitlam Heritage Society

Extractions: Resources Through an Artistic Lens

Various Mediums in the Atrium

Extractions: Resources Through an Artistic Lens reflects on the abundance of natural resources in British Columbia that have inspired artists for millennia. Some artists have extracted from nature to create art, while others use art to comment on these extractions. While artists often capture the beauty and grandeur of the landscape, the artworks in Extractions highlight our use and abuse of land-based resources, such as mineral extraction, logging and aquatic and land farming, today and historically. Coquitlam Heritage’s current exhibit, Coquitlam’s Heart of Gold (on display at Mackin House until June 17, 2022) looks at the impact of the gold rushes in the area and Extractions embellishes on this theme. The gold rushes in British Columbia created wealth for some, but they destroyed ecosystems and generated pollution. The lumber industry supplies the world with wood, but at what cost to the environment? Fish farms may allow us to avoid overfishing wild salmon, but what impact do they have on the land and waters around us?

On Friday, April 29, join four artists at Place des Arts to learn about the inspiration behind the pieces included in Extractions. Find out More.


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