Date: March 27 • 2020
End date: April 30 • 2020

Coquitlam Heritage Society

Civilian Impressions: Remnants of Conflict

Various Mediums by Local Artists

View the digital exhibition on the Coquitlam Heritage website.

Artists interpret the experience of war in Civilian Impressions: Remnants of Conflict. There are many well-known artworks that depict the brutalities of front-line battles and suffering of military personnel, but what of the toll taken on those left at home, displaced, orphaned or otherwise traumatized? Civilian Impressions is a collection of artworks that illustrate some of these experiences, either lived or viewed second hand. Personal battles are fought both at home and around the world by family members, friends and colleagues.

Gathered in this group exhibition are interpretations in various mediums from paint to sculpture, sharing the experiences of artists from different generations and backgrounds who now call Canada home. The exhibit also includes books such as Olga Campbell’s A Whisper Across Time detailing her family’s Holocaust trauma and Nora El Najjar’s memoir Life of Promise about enduring the effects of the Lebanese Civil War.

These art pieces are important. Civilian Impressions features works of suffering, hope, resilience and memory created by artists of our community. They connect us to each other and open dialogue about conflicts that those around us are carrying with them, whether visible or not.

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