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Date: January 22 • 2021
End date: March 18 • 2021

Coquitlam Heritage Society

Capturing Moments: Chronicling Our Lives

Various Mediums in the Atrium

Please note: We welcome individual and core bubble visits to our exhibition spaces by appointment. Please call 604-664-1636 ext. 0 to book.

Capturing Moments displays art from our community that encapsulates memories and other significant moments in time. As we find ourselves one year into the COVID-19 pandemic, these experiences are compelling many to capture their feelings through art. Historically, art has been used effectively to chronicle our lives in sometimes grand, but also modest ways.

Famous artists like Picasso and Canadian artist Robert Harris captured everything from the horrors of war to a young schoolteacher in an 1885 classroom. Whether we are travelling over a country road in Ireland, immigrating to a new country or facing the hard truths of discrimination, these moments speak to our humanity.

Local artists have documented specific periods in their lives through photography, paint and mixed media. Along with these art pieces, artifacts from Coquitlam Heritage’s collection that speak to capturing time will be on display. Truths are revealed in these pieces and sharing these truths leads to connection with the wider community.

This exhibit includes many artworks from Coquitlam’s culturally rich population. Some works relate directly to the pandemic, some document other significant moments. A moment can hold a world.

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