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Date: October 29 • 2021
End date: December 16 • 2021

Carol Rui

Nature in Watercolour

Watercolours in the Mezzanine

How lucky we are to live in Canada! Everywhere you look, there is beautiful scenery that looks like a postcard. I like to preserve these wonderful moments in nature using watercolour.

Carol Rui is a website and graphic designer, and she graduated from Nanjing University in China with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising. After moving to Canada, Rui studied at BCIT and obtained a professional certificate in Web Technology. Rui enjoyed painting as a young student and more recently, picked up the brush again to capture beautiful moments in her life. Rui began working with watercolours a few years ago and was immediately attracted to its rich colour variations and seemingly magical properties.

Instagram: @carolruiyin_watercolour

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