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Artist Statement

I believe in the daily use of handmade objects.

As a member of The Burnaby Potters’ Guild, I have an affordable studio space at Shadbolt Centre to make small works, such as those used in the tasting of tea, schnaps or saki. I also make sets that might interest a Tea Master for the appreciation and refinement of tea and drinking it. Small works, such as KOGO, are used to contain incense on a tea table. Wall-mounted vases (Shinogi) often contain an in-season arrangement. I fire my works in soda and wood atmospheres.


I am a graduate of Emily Carr University in 1976.  I have been making work as a Ceramic Artist for many years in Vancouver, BC. I have just turned 70 and I had a recent show include my tea-related work: Chawan at Canton-Sardine Gallery in Vancouver.


Twitter: DannyKostyshin

Instagram: @danny_kostyshin

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