Registration for all Place des Arts dance and movement classes, including those that take place in our off-site satellite studios at the Evergreen Cultural Centre, must be done at Place des Arts.

Registration for fall, winter and spring session classes may be done online, by phone at 604.664.1636, in person at Place des Arts,1120 Brunette Avenue, Coquitlam.

Registration for all September – June classes and private lessons must be done in person at Place des Arts, 1120 Brunette Avenue.

Fees for Sep-Jun Dance & Movement Classes

Class Fees for Sep-Jun Dance & Movement Classes and Lessons

  • 30-minute group class $9.50
  • 45-minute group class $10.00
  • 60-minute group class $10.50
  • 1.25-hour group class $11.00
  • 1.50-hour group class $11.50
  • 30-minute private lesson $25.50

Administration Fee for Sep-Jun Dance & Movement Classes and Lessons

25 cents per 30-minute class/lesson. The fee is calculated based on the length and number of class(es)/lesson(s) at the time of enrolment. The Administration Fee is payable in full at the time of enrolment and is non-refundable. The Administration fee is applied to all Sep-Jun music and dance enrolment transactions and covers the costs of coordinating and administrating teacher schedules, year-end dance productions, master classes, student music concerts, dance festival applications and costumes, extra rehearsal time, room set-ups and communication to students/parents.

Dance Recital Production Fee

A $25 annual dance recital production fee is applied per student participating in September to June dance classes and is used to offset the cost of producing the year-end dance recital. 50% of this fee will be refunded if the student withdraws from the course by October 31.

Dance Recital Video Fee

A $20+GST annual Dance Recital Video Fee is applied per family with a student participating in September to June dance classes. This fee allows each family to receive a password-protected online video link to view the dance recitals to act as a keepsake. A full refund will be granted if notice to withdraw is provided before October 31.

Costume Deposit*

All students performing at festivals and/or in our annual year-end recital will require a costume for each dance they perform. A costume deposit is required upon registration.

All performing classes: $90; non-refundable after October 31.

Festival Entry Fee Deposit*

Dance competitions/festivals are annual adjudicated competitions that take place from March to May. All competitive classes: $90 per class (non-refundable after October 31).

*Please note this is an estimated deposit. Depending on the final cost, you may be required to pay more, or a portion of this deposit may be returned.

Withdrawals and Cancellations Policy

View our withdrawal and cancellation policy here.

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