Meet Laura Drummond!

Theatre for Life teacher Laura DrummondA big welcome to Laura Drummond (read her bio here) who is teaching our new Theatre for Life class for adults aged 50+. We chatted with Laura to learn more about her and what you can expect from her class.

Can you tell us about a favourite role you played or a memory you have of your life/training in theatre and film/TV?

Although, I have performed professionally in theatre as well as TV, I think the years doing Theatre for Young People was a key part of my journey into the education system on an organizational scale, as well as my pursuit of teaching and what I love about it.

Seeing first-hand the impact that issues-based theatre can have on peoples’ lives when they are exposed to it, and the underlying skills and opportunities the dramatic arts can bring to daily life, has been a big motivation in my career journey.

How has theatre positively impacted your life?

It is really the centre of who I am. Exploring the world of acting and theatre has opened me up to self-evaluation and growth, allowed me to see the world in new ways and further developed my empathy and curiosity about other people, their stories and experiences.

Theatre ingrained in me the idea that if you want something you can create it; bring it into existence. If you have an idea, you need to gather the passion, the people, the expertise and get going. This is the source of how I approach all that I do.

I have also used the constructs of storytelling to plan effective and engaging meetings and events, used the same skills and exercises common in a drama classes to improve organizational health, community engagement and connection in the organizations I work with as a board member or leader, and I have been able to use my developed imagination and creative skills to come up with unique solutions to challenges and initiate new projects and opportunities.

What made you decide to offer the Theatre for Life class?

I have been teaching classes for diverse young people and adults geared towards those who have never taken drama before or perhaps are very shy or nervous about the idea. It has been such a joy to see the growth in students' confidence and skills and also the sense of connection to each other that develops. I also highly value and believe in the idea of creating community wherever possible, and I thought the combination of this class and the potential for a connected community was something I wanted develop and be a part of.

What can people expect to learn in the class?

I think they will be surprised by the variety and depth of what they will learn! First, they will learn that the drama classroom can be a supportive, fun and engaging place no matter your level of experience or ability.

They'll discover that, yes, performing is fun, impactful and important, but it is just one aspect of the power of the dramatic arts. They will learn that there are immediate and concrete ways that a drama class can bring benefits into day-to-day life: an increase in self-awareness, confidence and joy in the world around us are just a few.

They will also learn how to express new aspects of themselves through character and scene work that is low pressure and engaging.

If you're ages 50+ and looking for a way to express yourself that is fun, rewarding and community-building, join our Theatre for Life class!

Throughout the 2018/1919 season, the Theatre for Life class will be subsidized by 50%. Register online, by phone, or in person and the 50% subsidy will automatically be applied to all fees associated with the class.