Laura Drummond – Theatre for Life

A graduate of Studio 58, Laura is excited to be returning her focus to the acting world. A mom of three, she co-founded the arts-infused independent school Urban Academy in New Westminster in 2001 and has since passionately championed the arts in education, community creation, leadership and organizational development.

Her previous stage work includes shows with Platypus, Green Thumb, Sunshine and Richmond Gateway theatres, as well as writing and performing her one-person show, Peanuts. Laura has also appeared in various commercials and film and television shows such as Fairly Legal, Hiccups, The 4400, Stargate, Due East and Beggars & Choosers.

Recently, Laura has performed several times as a storyteller as part of Flame Vancouver, including their televised Christmas special, and is currently producing/hosting the upcoming Flame New West season, developing some theatre projects and working in Film and TV.