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Summer Private Music Lessons

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Registration for 2018 summer music lessons opens on April 8. Registration for summer private lessons may be done in person at Place des Arts or, after April 8, by phone at 604.664.1636.

Members of Place des Arts’ highly qualified music faculty offer private lessons during the summer and accept new students at this time.

Summer music lessons offer an excellent opportunity to try out a new instrument or to advance your skills on an instrument you are already familiar with.

Inquiries regarding a particular instructor’s availability and fees may be made in person at the registration desk or by calling 604.664.1636. Registration for private summer music lessons may be done by phone at 604.664.1636 or in person at Place des Arts registration desk.

Private Lesson Fees

Fee levels vary by instructor and begin at $24 per 30-minute lesson. Longer lesson times are also available. Details are available at the registration desk.

A registration fee of $8.00 applies to summer private lessons. Payment in full for summer music lessons is due at the time of registration and is payable by cash, cheque, VISA®, MasterCard® or Interac®.

No refunds or make-ups for missed lessons by the student.

Music Lessons Withdrawal Policy

A student may withdraw from summer private lessons with two paid-lessons notice given to both Place des Arts and the teacher. Place des Arts will refund lesson fees, less the registration fee, once the two paid lesson notice period has lapsed.

Summer Private Music Lesson Teachers

  • Did you know?

    Children who receive weekly music instruction and practice regularly perform better on sound discrimination and fine motor tasks.

     ~Winner and Schlaug, 2009

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