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iPad [detail], David Carey

October 12, 2018 – November 10, 2018

Opening reception: October 12, 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Fibre Art Network
Botanical Reflections
Fibre Art in the Atrium Gallery

Botanical Reflections interprets botanical themes through mixed-media fibre artworks. The exhibition features the personal visions of the Fibre Art Network (FAN) artists using a wide range of traditional and contemporary fibre art techniques in a variety of styles from realistic to abstract. The work of over 60 FAN members is represented in this exhibition.

FAN is a co-operative of Western Canadian artists committed to promoting fibre as an art form and each other as artists. FAN membership includes emerging fibre artists, teachers, authors and judges. Many members have been recognized both nationally and internationally for their work. 

Since 2000, FAN has presented 22 exhibitions at 67 Canadian venues, five American venues and two venues in New Zealand. FAN members also exhibit their artwork independently in group shows and solo shows.

KOVAN Photo Club
25th Anniversary Exhibition: Beautiful Moments
Photography in the Leonore Peyton Salon

Let there be light and there was light.
Looking at the light, he saw that it was good.
Beautiful moments are filled by light, which let us know true brightness.
I can witness beautiful moments because there is light.
Discovering beauty in forms that pass and fill the light.

The KOVAN Photo Club is celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2018. KOVAN is a Korean diaspora united by a single cultural identity yet entangled with diverse stories of arrival in Canada. Each club member is an expert, in some sense, on the journey of being a photographer.

The members of KOVAN share this story of arrival and adaptation in this exhibition, which showcases various printing formats of photographic images and a broad range of subjects, as well as application of photography skills within the theme: Beautiful Moments.

Enda Bardell
Up There!
Watercolours in the Mezzanine Gallery

Whether we are aware of it or not, the sky above us is always up there—it never disappears or goes away. It may be sunny, overcast, pouring with rain or snow, but it is always there.

We are under the sky, and it can influence our mood. When it is raining, we tend to stay indoors and not venture out, unless to go to work or perform errands, for which we wear protective clothing to keep us dry and warm.

When the clouds lift and warm sun appears, we are outside and happy. Sunshine is like magic; it is joyful and fun! We take photos of ourselves and others smiling, posing at the beach or in nature up on a mountain.

Then there are sunsets—for the romantics. Some people plan their day around an imminent sunset, with picnics in the park overlooking the ocean, and they gaze at each other without saying a word. A smile in this situation is enough.

An overcast sky has a neutral mood, giving us the choice of staying indoors or heading outside. The overcast sky has a calming and relaxing effect, and occasionally we look up to see if there is any potential change in the weather. Bring on a storm and see how exciting it can be with dark shifting clouds hovering across the sky. Some people travel to special locations specifically for storm watching.

Enda Bardell is captivated by nature’s moods characterized in the sky, and she loves capturing its wonder through painting.

Originally from Estonia, via Sweden, Bardell is a Canadian artist living and working in Vancouver. She has exhibited her work in numerous group and solo exhibitions locally and internationally.

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