Current Exhibitions

Cozy, Larissa Blokhuis, Ceramics and glass

April 28 - May 27, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, April 28, 7pm - 9pm

Sound & Gesture, mixed media by Derek Gillingham

Derek Gillingham’s paintings and multimedia pieces draw upon the artist’s experience as a traveler. Depicting the energy of the environment, the components used allow sound, music and rhythm to drive the image. Sound & Gesture reflects the artists experience, the constant shifting from city to city, movement, all the uncertainty, and the life of the moment they were created in.

Gillingham’s bustling images begin as sketches; Small scribbles and swirls, dots and scratches, all influenced by the environment, the sound of cars, people’s voices, and whatever is happening in the moment. Colours enter the work from the artists travels, incorporating sounds, street posters, flyers, bits of newspaper, moss and ivy, racks of fabric, devotional imagery, advertisements and candy wrappers, the water running down the wall of a building, anything and everything. All the lines, colours and titles become a log of those moments.

Future Forms, 3D mixed media by Larrisa Blokhuis

Though humanity has lived alongside plants and animals for most of its existence as a species, the path of modern development is leading us away from seeing ourselves as part of the natural world. This false division grows when our thoughts and actions do not honour our relationships to other life forms. As such, we are negatively impacting our planet and climate ever more rapidly. Seeing ourselves as part of the natural world helps us make positive, sustainable decisions in light of the changes we are seeing.

Larissa Blokhuis’ exhibition Future Form is an imagining of what the world will look like if it becomes as hot as it has been in the pre-historic past. Using blown glass, metal and felting techniques, Blohuis places us in the future with imaginary yet-to-evolve species. Taking inspiration from studies of ancient plant life, Blokhuis employs pattern, repetition and contrast to visualize larger versions of life forms that would be tiny in todays ecosystem. Through this, the exhibition highlights how our choice to value and protect nature today will allow us to see what strange and beautiful life-forms arise in our future.

In Water and Wood, printmaking and watercolours by Carol McQuaid

Carol McQuaid’s print exhibition In Water and Wood is love letter to cityscapes.  Drawing energy from the excitement of a city environment, Carol captures the city’s character in a combination of printmaking and watercolour techniques that uses heavy black to accentuate the vibrant colors of the city.

McQuaid’s methods start with finding a variety of viewpoints that collectively tell a story.  Preliminary sketches en plein aire are reworked as drawings back in the studio and then carved into linoleum plates for printing. Each print is then individually painted, allowing Carol to play with hue and intensity, making each one completely unique.  The final artworks share that sense of place with others; giving viewers the impression that they’re looking at a familiar city with borrowed eyes.

  • R. Baliello,
    Feb. 2012

    "It was thanks to Place Des Arts for accepting my work, that I found the confidence to [concentrate on my photography]! I could never thank you enough for this timely opportunity"

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