Current Exhibitions

Stonework by Anthony Edwards

October 13 – November 10, 2017

Opening reception: Friday, October 13, 2017 at 7:00pm

The Evolution of Still Life in Spain, Acrylics by Pepe Hidalgo

The surrealist paintings by Spanish artist Pepe Hidalgo invoke the nature of time and the equally mysterious way that the past, in art and in the rest of life, can push its way forward into the present moment.

Each artwork depicts, and thus creates, a world with a space-time that is uniquely separate from the one which the viewer primarily inhabits. What each of the depicted moments share is that they present moments of leisure or rest, moments when time slows or even stops, sometimes briefly, sometimes permanently. The scenarios in each work have their own story, their own relation to theory and history within art, within the art world and outside of it as well.

From Within: Expressions in Stone, Stonework by Anthony Edwards

The exploration of any medium can lead one to discover both the medium's and the creator’s potentials. Having been classically trained as a goldsmith, Anthony Edwards has been working in 3D for over thirty years, using many mediums over his career. However, it was the past few years that have led him to re-discover his love of stone as a medium.

Each stone has different inherent qualities and characteristics, and by feeling the flow and movement, flaws and imperfections, Anthony’s method of creation follows the direction and extent the stone wishes to evolve towards completion. Using natural objects as inspiration and developing movement that can be felt as well as viewed leads to unique stonework sculptures, neither abstract nor representational. Stonework is an ancient art-form that can offer so much from the past, yet inspire the exploration of one’s imagination.

Annual Members' Exhibition, Photography by Photoclub Vancouver

PhotoClub Vancouver is a group of amateur and professional photographers who meet monthly to develop their skills in capturing and editing photographic images so as to better convey their individual artistic visions.

Through monthly artistic challenges, constructive critiques of member artworks, and workshops on photographic techniques, members advance their skills and artistic vision. The annual members' exhibition features jury-selected photographs by club members, including a variety of genres ranging from landscape to abstract.

Exhibiting artists draw inspiration from the masters of photography, from each other and from their natural and urban environments to present a show diverse in styles, methods and concepts, fully realizing the club's goal of pushing the boundaries of the medium and helping developing artists fine tune their skills and ideas.

Women in Colour, Acrylics by Clarissa Argueta

Clarissa Argueta’s ancestral heritage inspires this series of colourful acrylic portraits; a passionate expression of the relevance and magnificence of indigenous civilizations of the ancient Americas. The portraits, both vibrant and serene, pay tribute to the beauty and strength of indigenous Latin American women, greatly admired and respected by the artist.

These works also showcase Argueta’s particular interest in the Pre-Hispanic iconography found in ancient textiles of Mexico, Central America and South America. The portrait subjects themselves are painted with soft, simple brush strokes in a traditional style, which serves to draw attention to, and highlight, the incredible detail found within the textiles included in the subject matter. The faithfulness to these ancient crafts cannot be missed in this incredible body of work.

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    - Robert Baliello

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