Artists in Residence 2018

Artist in Residence Gerardo Avila

Thanks to generous funding provided by the City of Coquitlam and Westminster Savings, Place des Arts is pleased to welcome four talented Artists in Residence in 2018.

The Artists in Residence will offer a series of free workshops to local school children between February and October 2018, allowing the children to engage with, and learn from, professional artists working in a variety of disciplines.

Meet the Artists

Artist in Residence #1, February 2018

Cartooning: Comic Strip Workshop

Self-portrait Jesse MuijlwijkJesse Muijlwijk
Jesse is a professional cartoonist who makes a daily comic strip for Dutch newspapers, reaching 3 million readers. He went to art school in the Netherlands. Jesse is co-author of a bestselling course book on comic strip and cartoon drawing. He published more than 20 books of his comic strip. Jesse has 25 years of workshop experience in both the Netherlands and Canada.

In Jesse's comic strip workshop, students will learn to draw faces with all kinds of expressions and emotions, turn them into various characters and add text in speech and thought balloons. (Younger students who cannot yet read or write can draw cartoons without text, which is as much fun.) They will learn to draw different bodies and place them in various situations.

Jesse stimulates students by drawing many examples on the blackboard and, in small exercises, students will try for themselves and combine drawings with self-written texts. Thus, they simultaneously develop visual art and literature skills. Making a real comic strip with several sequential pictures is the result the students can proudly take home.

Artist in Residence #2, April 2018

Principles of Performance through Mask, Mime and Magic

Gerardo AvilaGerardo Avila, MA
Gerardo has been performing professionally since 1974 as an actor, clown, mime and magician. He has been a solo and group performer with the Cirque du Soleil (1984-1987) and has performed nationally and internationally in Canada, Mexico and Europe. Gerardo recently performed with Karen Flamenco Dance Company and the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble.

In this performing arts workshop, Gerardo will teach principles of performance presence on stage through mask work, mime and magic. 

The students will learn techniques of mask work, such as how to animate neutral and character masks, based on mime and physical theatre. The workshop will also include physical theatre exercises, theatre acting games, magic manipulation and improvisation through participatory group exercises and exercises of concentration, relaxation and imagination.


Artist in Residence #3, May 2018

First Nations Regalia and Resources

Artist Christine MacKenzieChristine MacKenzie
Christine is a Native artist from the Kwakiutl Nation working with traditional/contemporary design and with multiple mediums. She has been a professional artist for nine years and mentored by Anastasia Hendry. Christine has been a part of three art shows with another in May 2018, and she has illustrated/co written two books.

In Christine's workshop, students will focus on First Nations culture, protocol teaching and traditional/contemporary art work. They will have the opportunity to look at regalia first-hand, and make some of their own by crafting a deer-leather pouch.

Older students will have the chance to create a design for their pouches, and the younger students will learn traditional form line and the difference between animals.

Thanks to Westminster Savings and the City of Coquitlam for helping us provide accessible opportunities for local children to experience the arts by supporting our Artist-in-Residence Program.


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